Pipeline inspection camera probe demo

This color video scope is a great inspection device with enhanced maneuverability and viewing characteristics. It is well suited for exploring ducts, pipelines, mains and sewers and is capable of maneuvering through at least two 90-degree elbows due to a wider push rod and longer spring joint connecting the push rod with the camera. The Ø 23mm (1.0”) camera head is equipped with a high resolution CCD chip, 12 adjustable super bright LED lights and protected by a Sapphire lens to prevent scratching and image impairment. The advanced viewing technology allows for capturing clear, detailed images of the problem area...

Pipeline camera probe with LED lighting

This equipment is used for visual checks of concealed drain pipes for choke or blockages. The probe comes with camera and LED light at front end of probe and a display screen and recording device for evidence. FOG Buster by Agilix International (FOG stands for Fat, Oil and Grease) is a blend of bacteria and enzymes, it is used for degradation of grease in blocked pipelines and drains. Simply caused by daily disposals of organic grease from kitchen, restaurant, hotel and food processing plants. The bacteria is natural and not genetically-engineered. The enzyme concentration is the most powerful on the market. FOG...

Bioturbation with Earth Worms

This is a one month time lapse video of earthworms going through biotic activity above and underground. Bioturbation is the mixing of (plant) residues into soils and sediments. It is one of the fundamental processes in ecology, as it stimulates decomposition, creates habitats for other (micro)fauna and increases gas- and water flow through the soil. All healthy organic soil will have earthworms as a testament to its rich bio-diversity and chemical free soil. With Agilix Soil Reversible, chemical fertilizer polluted grounds becomes organic and fertile with earthworms in a matter of weeks. https://youtu.be/eRgyJPR2csA

Food waste digesters – how they work

Food waste digesters are currently installed and running in some of world’s largest hotels and food establishments. These machines are running 24/7 with microorganisms constantly breaking down food waste by 90% in weight and mass. Agilix supplies the micororganisms in pellet form for this anaerobic digestion process. Proven to be more effective and process food waste in shorter period of time. Contact us for more details. How food waste digester worksWatch this video on YouTube

Organic fertilizer manufacturing in Malaysia

Our Malaysian partner factory using Agilix microorganisms manufacturing the soil reversible compost by utilizing waste material from palm oil. The end product is high nutrient organic fertilizer which will be used as an  for organic farming purposes. Welcome to contact us if you are interested in manufacturing of organic fertilizers, https://youtu.be/YEuE-bUkju0