Wastewater Treatment System Solution

Organic Solution to Chemical Waste in Water

With the increasing focus on environmental health, factories with full scale manufacturing units produce massive amount of waste water causing potential chronic health problems and environmental degradation, requiring wastewater treatment.

Industrial efforts to managing waste water on an industrial scale often has two practical objectives: minimizing long-term liability and controlling costs. Industrial waste must and should be in compliance to its local waste regulations, and may incur high expenses if violated.

At Agilix International, we understand the importance of an effective industrial wastewater treatment and provide easy to implement solutions which uses organic bio-organisms to treat waste water conditions beyond conventional methods.  These bio-organisms are natural and there is no need for chemicals or big equipment to do the treatment.


Innovative “Secret Recipe”

With the biotechnology and expertise in Agilix International, different types of bio-organisms are formulated into a “secret recipe” to break down unwanted waste, remove odours, inhibit growth of harmful germs, purify water, and improve the water  environment with our wastewater treatment solutions


Use of Bio-organisms

Specially formulated bio-organisms when added to the waste water can help to effectively degrade and absorb ammonia nitrogen, improves nitrating efficiency, provide long-term stable effect of nitration effects, and quick environment recovery from industrial waste water with our wastewater treatment solutions

Customized Solutions for your Wastewater Treatment Needs

wastewater treatment

wastewater treatment

Anti-chemical water treatment
This blend of bio-organisms is especially effective in dealing with chemicals present in water, it is most commonly applied in places where chemical pests, weeds and insects   control are washed to.

wastewater treatment

Oxygen regeneration water treatment
The special mix of bio-organisms is used to create the right balance in waste water environment. When bio-degradable matter end up in water, it encourages more growth of micro-organisms. The increase in organisms will use more oxygen, and when oxygen is depleted, these aerobic organisms die and more anaerobic organisms produce harmful toxin such as ammonia and sulfides.

wastewater treatment

High nutrients water treatment
Some wastewater, fertilizers and sewage contains high level of nutrients. If they end up in water bodies, they encourage weed and algae growth causing the water to be undrinkable, and even clogs up filters. This set of bio-organisms fight against unwanted nutrients and promotes healthy nutrients in the water environment, promoting nutrients growth.

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