Equipment & Systems

Working with Our Partners to Supply the Best Equipment

Water treatment system, food-waste composting, ozone generator, healthy water, pipeline-camera systems

Agilix International carefully hand-picks equipment for solving the world’s worst environmental problems, working with the best in the industry to supply various equipment and systems for our clients to chose from. Taking responsibility for the environmental and social impacts of our products also extends to the sourcing of products to our customers. We evaluate our partners based on a variety of sustainability elements and score them accordingly.

Our equipment includes water treatment, food-waste composting, UV sterilizer, ozone generator, healthy water and pipe-line camera systems.

Pipeline Camera

pipeline camera

Agilix works with leading provider of pipeline cameras, providing a variety of options for clients to choose from. From pipeline cameras to accessories, Wopson products comes in various sizes, and specifications to cater for each individual need. All the pipeline cameras come with CE, GS, BS, UL, FCC, FDA & ROHS certification.

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UV Sterilizers

UV Sterilizers
CEET, a leading provider of water treatment equipment, with over 20 years of experience in water treatment field, is another partner of Agilix providing a variety of UV Sterilizers. CEET have different types of UV sterilizers and for different purposes, be it for municipal water, drinking water, wastewater and immersion disinfection.

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Ozone Generator

ozone generator
Another featured product of CEET is the variety of Ozone Generators, which are manufactured using high quality components and materials suitable for different uses. Ozone can be used in water treatment, industrial oxidation, food and beverage production, pharmaceuticals, petrochemical industry, and many other fields.

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Food Digester

food digester

Agilix Food Digester is a machine where food waste are disposed and treated into organic compost with Agilix Internationals’ bio-organism blend. This machine provides a space for food waste to be processed and during the process removes any foul smell and reduces your monthly waste disposal costs.

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