Pipeline inspection camera probe demo

This color video scope is a great inspection device with enhanced maneuverability and viewing characteristics. It is well suited for exploring ducts, pipelines, mains and sewers and is capable of maneuvering through at least two 90-degree elbows due to a wider push rod and longer spring joint connecting the push rod with the camera. The Ø 23mm (1.0”) camera head is equipped with a high resolution CCD chip, 12 adjustable super bright LED lights and protected by a Sapphire lens to prevent scratching and image impairment. The advanced viewing technology allows for capturing clear, detailed images of the problem area...

Agri-Environmental Biotech Solutions for the 21st Century e.g food waste

Agilix biotech solutions can be applied to many industries including farming, environmental cleaning and food waste management You can save costs and increase in production resulting in increased revenue and profitability More effective and lasts longer than chemical-based products Product has gone through extensive R&D and are fully tested and proven by the Singapore and overseas governments Governments increasingly require non-chemical solution to solve environmental issues – our fully organic biotech solution is the answer to solve these global problems!