Food Waste Discard Digester

Customized Microbes for Different Blends of Food Waste

Agilix International provides a ready solution for clients who are looking for a complete F&B discard solution with Agilix Food Waste Digester / Composter.

Agilix Digester / Composter comes in various sizes to cater to different quantity of F&B discard needs. Generally in 24 hours, all the matter waste is reduced into water or compost. Compost produced is 100% odourless, dry and suitable for direct planting, without the need to go through additional processing.

Food Waste Digester or Composter

Recycling F&B Waste to WATER or COMPOST in 24 Hours!

food waste digester

Recycle Food Discard in just 24 Hours!


Applications of Food Waste Digester / Composter

  • Matter Processing Plants
  • Restaurants / Cafes
  • Hotels
  • Garbage Depository
  • Commercial Premises
  • F&B Manufacturing Plants
  • Hostels / Workers Quarters
  • Shipyard / Cruise Ships

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