Odour Buster (odour control)

Agilix Odour Control

The Problem

Odour emission is one of the most common challenges faced by many restaurants, hotels, commercial premises, industrial facilities, wastewater facilities, landfills and garbages dispository centres. The constant emission of foul odour attracts not only pests but also the environmental authorities and building managements, which business owners are then compelled to implement odour control systems in order to control the pollution caused by these odour.

The Solution – Agilix Odour Control

odour control

Agilix Odour Buster provides for a customized blend of bio-organisms package to selectively promote growth of desirable bacteria for waste breakdown and inhibiting odour-causing species.  These bio-organisms removes organic wastes that block pipes, cause bad odour, or cause hygiene problems and pollution.

At Agilix International, we provide an innovative and effective odour removal solution with Agilix Odour Buster which uses organic bio organisms to treat odour beyond conventional odour treatment.  These bio-organisms are natural, and not genetically engineered, and there is no need for chemicals or big equipment to remove the odours.

How it works

odour control

It is very common to get a very foul smell when walking past garbages, toilets, drainage, wastewater facilities, and kitchens. This is due to the decomposition of wastes, mostly organic wastes from leftovers or food waste, causing unbearable smell.

Agilix Odour Buster is specially formulated with over 1 billion natural bio-organisms, which are 100% natural, and not genetically engineered. These bio-organisms are our key to eliminating the foul odours with natural means of decomposition, where they thrive on “swallowing” food waste molecules.

These bio-organisms are friendly and safe to humans and animals. They multiply and double every 30 minutes and are a group of extremely hardworking “workers” which will eat every minute, removing the foul odours, enabling a deodorized environment in just days.

Key Benefits

  • Highly concentrated formula of bio-organisms.
  • 100% organic solution with no use of any chemicals.
  • Total removal of any foul odour.
  • Naturally deodorize in just days

  • Long term money-saving solution with no maintenance needed.
  • Easy application. Just apply and leave over-night or during downtime.

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Agilix Odour Buster (Odour Control)

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All our products are fully tested and certified by Singapore government authorities, as one of the world’s stringent food and environmental safety tests for 100% safety.

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