Food Waste Recycling System

Can you RECYCLE food waste?

Yes! You Can!

With the use of microbes, food waste can be recycled. For those of you new to the topic, this refers to bio-organisms that can thrive without oxygen, and one can use these bio-organisms in a sealed environment without oxygen but with plenty of food scraps and other organic waste. These bio-organisms will then “digest” these food scraps and organic waste, reducing them to either compost or water.

At Agilix International, our strength lies in our ability to customize each blend of microbes to suit the type of food matter refuse. Rather than using the same blend of microbial formula for each situation, we at Agilix International takes a step further to customize the blend.

Customized Blend of Microbes for different food waste mix


Innovative Solution

Agilix Food Waste Recycling provides for a customized blend of bio-organisms package to selectively promote growth of desirable bio-organisms for digesting food waste and at the same time inhibiting odour-causing species, so during the breakdown process, all foul odours from the F&B waste are eliminated.

For clients from restaurants, hotels, commercial premises, to garbage depository centres, with Agilix Food Waste, not only the size of the organic garbage can be greatly reduced, any unpleasant odours from food matter refuse can be eliminated, and the F&B waste can be turned into compost, good for use as a fertilizer.


Customized Blend of Microbes

Agilix Food Recycling solution formulate each customized solution with over 1 Billion natural bio-organisms, which are 100% natural, and not genetically engineered. Depending on the food waste varieties, e.g for vegetable processing factories, majority are vegetables, or for meat processing factories, majority are meat being thrown, different combinations of microbes will be formulated to cater to these situations.

These bio-organisms are our key to eliminating the F&B refuse with natural means of decomposition, where they thrive on “swallowing” food waste molecules. These bio-organisms are friendly and safe to humans and animals. They multiply and double every 30 minutes and are a group of extremely hardworking “workers” which will eat every minute, removing the F&B waste, and during the process remove any foul odours.

APS Food Waste Recycling Process

Food Waste Recycling for Different Needs

Large-Scale Food Waste Recycling

Small-Scale Food Waste Recycling

Agilix International provides customized blend of bio-organisms for large-scale needs. With our expertise team and consultancy, we will go through the requirements and details into building the food recycling plant.

Regardless of the amount of the food waste, or size of the landfill, our team will adjust and customize the right blend of proportion of bio-organisms that will help to break down all the generated F&B waste into water for direct discharge or into compost which can be later used as fertilizers.

food waste

Agilix Large-scale Food Waste Recycling Solution

Agilix International provides a ready on-site solution for those clients who are looking for a complete solution with the system in place. This is especially catered for restaurants, hotels, or food processing plants with tonnes of food waste to handle everyday.

Agilix Food Waste Digester / Composter comes in various sizes to cater to different quantity of F&B waste needs. Generally in 24 hours, all the food waste is reduced into water or compost (which is odourless, dry and suitable for planting).


Agilix Food Waste Digester / Composter

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All our products are fully tested and certified by Singapore government authorities, as one of the world’s stringent food and environmental safety tests for 100% safety.

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